Lash Obsessed

Are you a busy woman? Are you bored with your look? Here are the reasons you will love lash extensions. First off, they are gorgeous and I personally think they look unique. Want to stand out? These will do that. People think lashes are for the " high maintenance " when in all actuality they are for the "low maintenance ". You wake up ready, you don't need a whole lot of makeup.  You will always look refreshed, awake and beautiful. The other subject is cost on these bad boys. Yes, the initial set is a little investment, but after that its similiar to getting your nails done. I don't know about you...I would rather wake up looking adorable and do my own mani-pedi at home. I am telling you ladies-once you have lashes-you'll never live without them.

Lashes make everything better....

Beautiful Summer Skin

I am a summer time girl, through and through. I love my shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and my BB creams! BB cream should be worn as a tinted moisturizer during the summer months. It lightly covers your skin but leaves it with a smooth and radiant glow.  BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm, it is a all in one cream, used for light coverage, blemishes, primer, moisturizer and sunscreen. Believe it or not my favorite one I have found is Loreal Magic BB cream.. AMAZING! I promise you will fall in love....

Oh So Simple Skin Secrets

I am going to share a few simple skin secrets that your mama should of told you...

1. Tea Tree Oil is a miracle oil for many different things, but I mainly use it for ingrown hairs and burns. I keep it above my stove in the cabinet, it is in perfect reach if you happen to burn yourself pulling out your favorite baked cake... Put a few drops on the area that is burned and the sting will immediately stop and relieve itself.

 2.Back to those ingrown hairs we all can't stand! Tea tree oil and witch hazel are both great for solving this problem. About 10 days after your Brazilian wax, aplly witch hazel daily while the hair is growing back in to avoid any of these nasty red bumps. (you can buy Witch Hazel at Walgreens for $5). Use Tea Tree Oil directly on a ingrown to heal it.

It is the simple little secrets that keep us beautiful...

Beautiful Brows

Lets face it, brow shaping can be extremely difficult! I have seen many crazy eyebrows...from the surprised look, to the unibrow. I am going to give you a few ground rules for great brows

1. DON"T tweeze them down to a thin line! This looks awful! Leave them as full as possible. (If you are going to insist on doing this yourself) just clean up the middle, underneath, and follow your natural arch.

2. When it comes to trimming, just do a tiny bit, if you trim too much you will leave holes. (not cute)

3.Filling them in can be tricky, you can use an eyebrow powder ( I prefer over liner, it's softer). Use a color that matches your hair color (on your head), and lightly fill them in.

 Eyebrows frame your face, so please keep them soft and natural.

Elegant Bronze

Hello people,

I cannot stress enough how tanning in tanning beds, or poolside is horrible for your health and your skin! So PLEASE stop doing so, and jump into the year 2014! Airbrush tanning is safe and the days of looking "orange" is long gone. (It is an instant glow and looks like a light makeup.) Spray tanned skin is so much prettier than that fake and bake look from 1985! Besides sun tanning will give you age spots, freckles, wrinkles and possibly skin cancer. Always where SPF 50 or more everyday. We all want to cover up flaws and have color, and thats where spray tanning comes in. It is so naturally pretty and gives you an elegant bronze...


- Tania Ohrn -
I love Melanie.  She is so knowledgeable and skilled at shaping the perfect brow!  She is so affordable and friendly, the trip for the wax is actually fun.  I highly recommend her.

- Renee L. -
"I have been a client of Melanie's  for almost ten years.  I have followed her to three day spas and I am so happy that she has a business right by my house. I have had all kinds of facial waxing, and I won't trust anyone else with my brows! I have also had Melanie help me prepare for summer with leg, under arm, and bikini waxing. She has very reasonable prices and delivers great service. I have recommended her to all my family and friends."

- Tara Gregory -
I have been to numerous estheticians in my life and no one beats Melanie.  She is knowledgeable, fast, and most importantly very affordable!  Her warm and funny personality makes me feel right at home.  And she is the absolute best at eyebrow shaping!  I highly recommend her!

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