Bright Eyes

It's amazing how a few makeup tricks can take you from blah to fabulous! I am going to share this very simple makeup tip that will make your eyes look bigger, and brighter. I have one word...highlighter..

Since the eye area has natural depth and shadowing, you want to brighten them with a highlight powder and/or liner.

Highlight the inside corner of your eye with a powder. The colors can be anywhere from a shimmery white to a cream color. You can use a shadow brush to apply and blend it softly. 

You may also use a pencil to line your waterline, to give your eyes a bright look.

Add this step to your regular eye makeup routine, and it will completely vamp it up!

I can see a brighter sparkle in my brown eyes when I do this. It brings out the other shades in your eye color.

I hope this tip is helpful...Shine on ladies

Sexy Red Lips

Red lipstick is crazy sexy, but can be a lil messy if you don't follow a few steps..

 1. apply a light coat of powder foundation to your lips, to even out your lips.

2. line and fill in your lips with a sharp lip liner.

3. apply your lipstick carefully, avoid getting on your skin or teeth.

4. for a little fullness (or pouty look) take a shiny gloss, and dab a lil in the middle of your bottom lip.

Voila - you are now pin-up ready..

Butter up Baby

Living in Colorado can make you feel like a dry, wrinkled old alligator... Not anymore! I use Cocoa Butter all over my face and body. I used it throughout my four pregnancies (and believe me I was huge) it was my saving grace for stretch marks! It is a must while you’re pregnant-just put it on day and night. I also love it for my face, wash your face before bed and lather this miracle cream on. (Especially around your crow’s feet) Cocoa Butter is very intense and you look extremely shiny when applied, so I just do it in the evening. I buy mine at Walmart, it’s the generic kind in a big tub! It maybe costs $5 and lasts for months! So...Butter up Baby...

Baking Soda Beauty Queen

Baking soda is the answer to a few beauty tricks. My favorite thing to do with baking soda is to use it as an exfoliant for my skin. You can soak in a bath with two tablespoons baking soda, to get rid of dead skin and make your skin feel baby smooth. It is amazing as an exfoliant for your face, take about a tablespoon and just a touch of water to create a paste, rub it in a circular motion on your face and leave for five minutes. Once you rinse this off your skin is super smooth and radiant for only pennies. Do this every three days. You want to stay on top of this, exfoliating your skin is crucial to get rid of blackheads and dry skin, and will give you a youthful glow. You can also use a little bit of baking soda to brush your teeth once a week, same thing, it will clean your teeth and turn them into gorgeous pearly whites. No one wants yellow teeth! Icky!

Smashbox Eyeshadow Primer Keeps Makeup Going On and On til The Break of Dawn

Always, always wear eyeshadow primer. It will keep your shadow on and keep it crease-free. This primer is my new fave, and let me tell you it works wonders. To apply-just put a dab on your finger tip and put it on covering from lash-line to brow bone. I always let it sit for a few minutes before applying shadow.

Now your smokey eye will stay in place instead of running down your face!!


- Tania Ohrn -
I love Melanie.  She is so knowledgeable and skilled at shaping the perfect brow!  She is so affordable and friendly, the trip for the wax is actually fun.  I highly recommend her.

- Renee L. -
"I have been a client of Melanie's  for almost ten years.  I have followed her to three day spas and I am so happy that she has a business right by my house. I have had all kinds of facial waxing, and I won't trust anyone else with my brows! I have also had Melanie help me prepare for summer with leg, under arm, and bikini waxing. She has very reasonable prices and delivers great service. I have recommended her to all my family and friends."

- Tara Gregory -
I have been to numerous estheticians in my life and no one beats Melanie.  She is knowledgeable, fast, and most importantly very affordable!  Her warm and funny personality makes me feel right at home.  And she is the absolute best at eyebrow shaping!  I highly recommend her!

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