Bright Eyes

It’s amazing how a few makeup tricks can take you from blah to fabulous! I am going to share this very simple makeup tip that will make your eyes look bigger, and brighter. I have one word…highlighter..

Since the eye area has natural depth and shadowing, you want to brighten them with a highlight powder and/or liner.

Highlight the inside corner of your eye with a powder. The colors can be anywhere from a shimmery white to a cream color. You can use a shadow brush to apply and blend it softly. 

You may also use a pencil to line your waterline, to give your eyes a bright look.

Add this step to your regular eye makeup routine, and it will completely vamp it up!

I can see a brighter sparkle in my brown eyes when I do this. It brings out the other shades in your eye color.

I hope this tip is helpful…Shine on ladies

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