Beautiful Brows

Lets face it, brow shaping can be extremely difficult! I have seen many crazy eyebrows…from the surprised look, to the unibrow. I am going to give you a few ground rules for great brows

1. DON”T tweeze them down to a thin line! This looks awful! Leave them as full as possible. (If you are going to insist on doing this yourself) just clean up the middle, underneath, and follow your natural arch.

2. When it comes to trimming, just do a tiny bit, if you trim too much you will leave holes. (not cute)

3.Filling them in can be tricky, you can use an eyebrow powder ( I prefer over liner, it’s softer). Use a color that matches your hair color (on your head), and lightly fill them in.

 Eyebrows frame your face, so please keep them soft and natural.

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