Oh So Simple Skin Secrets

I am going to share a few simple skin secrets that your mama should of told you…

1. Tea Tree Oil is a miracle oil for many different things, but I mainly use it for ingrown hairs and burns. I keep it above my stove in the cabinet, it is in perfect reach if you happen to burn yourself pulling out your favorite baked cake… Put a few drops on the area that is burned and the sting will immediately stop and relieve itself.

 2.Back to those ingrown hairs we all can’t stand! Tea tree oil and witch hazel are both great for solving this problem. About 10 days after your Brazilian wax, aplly witch hazel daily while the hair is growing back in to avoid any of these nasty red bumps. (you can buy Witch Hazel at Walgreens for $5). Use Tea Tree Oil directly on a ingrown to heal it.

It is the simple little secrets that keep us beautiful…

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